We are an artisanal brand founded by artist and photographer Kyung Chung. With a factory located in South Central Los Angeles, the brand is committed to manufacturing high quality, functional objects that fit into a real woman's life.  

Natural materials are used as they age beautifully and tend to fare better with prolonged wear.  We design hoping you'll covet our creations year after year. 

We're aware that we're a bit of an anomaly. Footwear and accessories manufacturing, even at the luxury level, is virtually non existent in the US. Skilled labor survives in pockets, with the largest concentration in LA. Retailers have been pushing consumers for decades to accept quantity over quality.  Editors push different trends every few months, fueling fast fashion companies to work faster and faster to produce cheaper, disposable goods, with utter disregard for human welfare, artistic integrity, and the environmental damage they leave behind.  

We choose to be the opposite.